About Us

Vsafe srl: Value Sustainable Agri-Food and Environment. 

We offer business consulting services for the development of competitive and sustainable companies, food chains and agri-food system.
Our firm, founded in July 2017, is a spin-off of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.



Sustainable value for the agri-food system

We support companies, food chains and manufacturing systems in the identification and selection of practical strategies for the valorisation of sustainability and its better management.  We strongly believe that pursuing and valorising sustainability in an efficient manner – from an economic, social and environmental point of view – is nowadays the biggest challenge agri-food businesses are facing both from a local and a global perspective.


We offer innovative consulting services destined to companies operating both in Italy and abroad in the agri-food and agri-environmental sector in the following economic fields: global sustainability, market intelligence and strategic consulting.

Areas of interest

While operating in all chains and sectors of the agri-food system, our strategic interest is mainly focused on high-quality food chains, on the interactions between the agri-food system and the environment, and on projects of sustainable development.