Although operating in all sectors and chains of the agri-food system, our strategic interest is mainly focused on the high-quality food chains, on the relationships between agri-food system and the environment  and on the sustainable development projects which could also be carried out in developing countries.

High-quality agri-food products

With reference to the agri-food sector, our activities are primarily directed to high-quality products, and in particular to certified products and geographical indications.

In agri-food chains the production process, the environment and the socio-economic context of a given territory are, in fact, strictly connected and this interaction can produce positive effects on the creation of new value.

Agri-food sector for the environment

We are highly interested in studying the interaction between the agri-food system and its territory from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

In the agri-food sector, the co-dependency between natural resources and the production process is very strong and deep. For this reason, our approach is aimed at ensuring that competitiveness, social sustainability, and enhancement of natural resources and of the environment are achieved effectively and jointly.

Emerging countries

Another area of interest of our company concerns the development of sustainable agri-food chains in developing countries, with a particular focus on African countries.

Competitiveness and sustainability really need to go hand in hand with the development of this type of projects in order to properly sustain the economic growth of these countries. We are able to offer services tailored to the specific needs of our clients by integrating our academic background as a spin-off of UCSC with the practical experience of Italian agri-food professionals.
We can also offer customised training courses to our clients to meet the highly professional training needs of the individual project.