Our business services are addressed to those stakeholders interested and operating in the agri-food sector, such as companies, cooperatives, consortiums, producer organizations, public institutions and local administrations, banks and investment funds.

In addition to the main services described below, our team can assist clients (project support) to work out projects aimed at obtaining public funding, both nationally and internationally.


Global sustainability

This area provides concrete strategies to increase the economic value of agri-food and agri-environmental activities, thanks to the support of innovative models and indexes capable of evaluating and valorising the company sustainability combined with its competitive dimension.

Through our services, we aim to enhance the agri-food and agri-environmental activities and to promote the adoption of a solid model of sustainable growth form an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Particularly we aim to bring out the hidden value that characterizes the activities of the agri-food and agri-environmental sector, by highlighting, on one hand, the positive and negative externalities generated by the productive activities on the environment, and on the other hand, the ecosystem services that the environment offers, i.e. supply services, support for life, biodiversity and cultural values.

Strategic consulting

This area includes services aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of organizations and companies operating in the agri-food sector, both in Italy and abroad.

Our expertise in this area relies on the deep knowledge of the Italian territory and on a sharp ability to analyse the international situation, both at European and at extra-European levels.

The services offered are related to the creation and implementation of competitive strategies, to the performing of marketing research and budget analysis, to the devising of business plans, to the support in entering into foreign markets through the strategic internationalization process.

Market intelligence

By making use of big data, we are able to provide sophisticated and customized market intelligence services to our clients. Thanks to these techniques and IT instruments, we are able to process data and information, both quantitative and qualitative, to withstand the development of high-value business and its better risk management.

These services have the purpose to support our client business decisions, by providing them, through the use of statistical and econometric models, with market forecasts, analysis and interpretation of market fundamentals both in the short and in the medium-long term.

Our market analysis also takes into consideration any interaction that the analysed food commodities have with the agri-food system as a whole, any effect they might receive from national and international policies, including any changes in tariff and non-tariff barriers.